Remove "SushiLeads" Browser Adware

SushiLeads is a web browser hijacker that affects Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome that replaces your homepage and search provider without asking permission. The program was designed to boost traffic of commercial websites, increase their page rank in search results and make affiliate revenue through search ad clicking. However, you should keep in mind that the SushiLeads browser hijacker can also redirect to malvertising or exploit infected websites where you can become infected by malware.
Remove SushiLeads
SushiLeads replaces your homepage and search provider while you are downloading various freeware using a download manager or bundler. If every time you are installing a new program you choose a custom/advanced installation and go through the installation steps carefully, you would notice that some of the programs offer additional tools or changing your homepage as well as your search provider, or modifying other settings. Many of these options come pre selected (opt-out), and if you don't deselect the pre-checked boxes, all of the changes are applied automatically. This is how you can end up installing various adware, browser plugins, hijackers, etc. To avoid this in the future, make sure you pay close attention when installing software from download portal or unreliable sources.

Although you might find the appearance of the SushiLeads website questionable or might take it is a regular search provider, not only you will not get reliable search results using it, but you will also see a bunch of random advertisements displayed among your search results. If you click on these ads, you will be redirected to sponsored websites, some of which might be infected by malware. It is highly recommended to remove SushiLeads from your computer as soon as possible.

How to Remove SushiLeads

ByteFence Anti-Malware is a free removal program designed to remove SushiLeads as well as other malware and adware on your computer. ByteFence scan and removal is 100% free. Please follow the steps below to allow ByteFence to automatically find and remove any traces of malware.

Step 1. Download ByteFence Anti-Malware from the link below. Save the file named bytefence-installer.exe to your Desktop so that we can easily access the file.

Download ByteFence AntiMalware

Step 2. After downloading, navigate to the file bytefence-installer.exe and double-click it. This will start the installation procedure. User Account Control will prompt if you want to run the program, click Yes to continue.

ByteFence Anti-Malaware install icon

Step 3. On initial launch of the ByteFence program, it will display a welcome screen as shown in the image below. Click Next to start the installation procedure.

ByteFence Anti-Malaware installer setup welcome screen

Step 4. Next, you need to accept the license agreement before ByteFence Anti-Malware can be installed onto the computer. Choose ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’. Then, click Next button.

ByteFence Anti-Malaware installer license screen

Step 5. On the next prompts, please click appropriate button to proceed. At the end of the installation process, it will display ByteFence Anti-Malware Setup Completed. Just leave the Launch ByteFence checked and, click Finish.

ByteFence Anti-Malaware install er setup complete

Step 6. Once launched, ByteFence will begin scanning your computer for SushiLeads along with other malware, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and potentially unwanted software. The initial scan will take about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of your computer. During this scan process you can close or minimize the window. Once the scan has completed it will notify you.

ByteFence Anti-Malaware scanning for SushiLeads

Step 7. After the scan completes you will be presented with a a number of detected malware if your computer turns out to be infected with SushiLeads along with other risks. You can scroll through the list of all risks detected and check all risks that you would like ByteFence to automatically remove from your computer. (Please not the screen below will be dependent of what risks are found on your computer.)

ByteFence Anti-Malaware detection of SushiLeads

Step 8. In the bottom right hand corner of the window click the Removed Checked button to begin the removal process. This should take only a few moments.

ByteFence Anti-Malaware removing SushiLeads

Step 9. Once complete your computer will be risk free and SushiLeads should be completely removed. if you have run a quick scan you might want to run a full scan afterwards to make sure any left-over items are removed as well (although items are no longer active you might want to remove them too).

Step 10. Just keep ByteFence installed and its real-time protection and schedule scans will keep your computer safe from now on.

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